Materials Pump Efficiency, Or Need Starting From Established Programmes

Pneumatic conveying equipment in conveying material Shi, if need increased conveying of efficiency on need increased material seal pump of conveying pipeline diameter, from such solution is can canceled connection at expansion tube, directly with material conveying pipeline and material seal pump of into material mouth phase, such increased has into material of conveying rate, through strengthening pipeline of diameter Hou material can get full unobstructed, to greatly increased has material seal pump pipeline within of material conveying rate, shortened has material in material seal pump within by needed of total time, improve has conveying capacity.

After this times transformation Hou, pipeline within fake blocking phenomenon can completely solution, because is improve has pipeline of diameter to in maximum Shang increased has pipeline within wind machine on pipeline within pressure of stable, makes material in pipeline within wall belongs to a suspended of State, if material of moisture in 15% above or boot Qian no on into material of wind pressure for put control, timely is increased became rough pipeline, but also is will now has lost material pipeline jam of phenomenon.