Lot's Wife Yu Liquid Piston Pump With High Performance Research And Development Breakthroughs

In the recently held seminar on piston pump, hydraulic pneumatic seal industrial association, China Wang Changjiang special advisers and other experts believe: this is the major breakthroughs in research and development of high performance piston pump, lot's wife Yu production high performance liquid piston pump has reached the domestic leading level.

Hydraulic pump is hydraulic system of heart, high pressure column plug pump is high-end equipment of core components, abroad on China for technology blockade, domestic lack corresponding theory support, also not completely master processing manufacturing process of core technology, domestic production of hydraulic column plug pump and foreign brand compared, in technology advanced, and work reliability, and using life, and variable institutions control function and moving static performance index Shang are has larger gap, Basic equivalent to abroad Shang century 90 early level. Chinese equipment controlled by others, and even a threat to national security. Grasp the basic theory of piston pump, to create a long life high end piston pump, equipment is equipped with a reliable power source for China, making China equipped with durable "Chinese heart" was too heavy liquid of Elm.