Analysis On Water Source Heat Pump Industry

1. water use policy: limited in order to protect water resources in our country, has developed the People's Republic of China water law, cities have also formulated their own regulations of the urban water management. These policies emphasize water approvals, water charges. Approval of requests for similar water-source heat pump technology in the standard does not provide, so water source heat pump can easily be restricted by water use index. Even with approval of water due to the extraction of water in some places and emission charges twice, charging national standards is not uniform, so the results may lead to high water bills, make water source heat pump energy-saving insufficient to offset against the increase in the cost of water, water source heat pumps the economy worse.

2. water of detection development technology and costs: in China, currently on water, especially city city water of detection development technology should improve, water hot pump of application premise one of is must understand local of water situation, in water hot pump using of premise, must field on water of status for adjustment, underground whether has water, water whether will enough, site whether for drilling and back irrigation.