Centrifugal pump

Using centrifugal force water idea first appeared in the sketches made by Leonardo da Vinci. In 1689, France physicist Papin invented the four-blade impeller of volute centrifugal pump. But closer to the modern centrifugal pumps, 1818 in the United States occurs radially straight blades, half open the so-called double-suction impeller and volute pump of Massachusetts. 1851-1875, with guide vane of multistage centrifugal pumps have been invented, makes it possible to develop high lift centrifugal pumps.

Although as early as 1754, Switzerland mathematician Euler proposed the basic equations for impeller-type hydraulic machinery, laid the theoretical basis of centrifugal pump design, but until the late 19th century, high speed after the invention of the electric pump to obtain the ideal power source, its advantages into full play. In the United Kingdom the Renault and Germany Pfleiderer and many scholars based on the theoretical research and practice, greatly improves the efficiency of centrifugal pump, its performance range and field of use is also growing, has become the most widely used, the largest pump.